FAQs: LIVE! by The Barre Code

By using our on-demand and livestream platform to take classes, you understand you are voluntarily participating in workouts that present an inherent risk and you acknowledge and agree to assume any and all risks of bodily injury,  death, disability or property damage, whether those risks are known or unknown to you. Participating in these at-home classes means you waive, release, hold harmless, and promise not to file suit against The Barre Code, its related entities, employees, officers, agents, contractors, volunteers, and  representatives (collectively, “Releasees”) from any and all actions, claims, or demands that you, your assigns, heirs, guardians, spouse and legal representatives now have, or may have in the future for injury, death, disability or property damage related to (i) your participation in these activities, (ii) the negligence or other acts, whether directly or indirectly connected to these activities, and however caused by any Releasees,  whether or not you are then participating in these activities. You understand that, as a participant, you can and should stop at any point during exercise if you are experiencing any discomfort.You acknowledge that it is necessary to notify your physician of your participation in any exercise program, particularly if you are receiving ongoing care for a health condition. You agree to adhere to any and all recommendations of the physician with regard to the choice and intensity of exercise you perform. You agree to not exercise when you are feeling sick or otherwise unwell. You understand that you are participating  in The Barre Code’s workout program at your own risk.

Your TBC On-Demand Subscription

If you currently have an active recurring monthly membership to any of our franchise locations, you may be eligible for a complimentary subscription to The Barre Code On-Demand. Contact your local studio to find out if you qualify.

Your on-demand membership is a separate membership from your in-studio or digital memberships and must be cancelled or put on hold in the same manner as any other membership on your account: 30 days, in-writing via email. Find your local studio’s contact information here.

If you have purchased your on-demand membership directly from this website and not from a local franchising studio, you can contact our corporate Chicago-based studios with questions regarding your subscription or account. Remember that memberships must be cancelled in-writing via email with 30 days notice. Email us at chicagostudios@thebarrecode.com.

Click here for more information on our digital content terms of service

On-Demand vs. LIVE!

LIVE! Classes are classes happening NOW! They require advanced booking through our app & website. They can be viewed for up to 24 hours after their air time. Taking a LIVE! Class will count towards your #ClubCode milestones and Challenge goals.

On-Demand classes are pre-recorded classes or short videos that you can access “on-demand,” or whenever you want! On-Demand classes do not count towards #ClubCode milestones or Challenge completions. Members of The Barre Code may receive discounted access to our videos on-demand. Monthly subscriptions are available– Just check with your local studio!

Booking a LIVE! Class

You must have an active digital or unlimited membership or active livestream or flex credit package on file in order to book classes. To book LIVE! Classes, use our app or website to book at your local studio.

Credit package holders can use livestream credits to book LIVE! Classes. If you are looking for On-Demand options, contact your local studio on how to purchase a monthly subscription. If you have a guest pass, you can use it to add your guest to class too!

Sign-up for class early. Booking will close 15-minutes prior to the start of class. 15 minutes before class, check your email for a link to access the livestream. Follow the link to join our digital classroom!  

Watch the livestream from your mobile device or laptop. You can also cast your stream using Apple Play or Chromecast. Refresh your browser before the class if you don’t see or hear the instructor. See the FAQs below for more troubleshooting information.

Chat with your instructor using the chat box. Remember to be kind & courteous. Any behavior that is out of the spirit of The Barre Code Mantra will not be tolerated

All classes & the content within are all copyrighted by The Barre Code. Recording or distributing class material, including video, playlists, or routines is strictly prohibited.

Streaming & Casting

Having a stable & reliable internet connection is key to being able to experience class uninterrupted. We recommend a download speed of 25 Mbps or greater.

Adjusting Video & Music Volume
  • Once the livestream starts, the video may automatically be on mute. On desktop, simply click the video to un-mute it. On mobile, enter full-screen mode first. Then click the un-mute button on your device.

  • We sure do like our music loud! Use these steps to turn the music volume down:
    • Click the “cloud” icon on the mini-player.
    • On desktop, it will take you to mixcloud.com. On mobile, it will prompt you to download the app.
        • Adjust the volume on mixcloud.com with the vertical slider.

    • If listening to music in the app, use your device’s volume controls on the side to change the volume.
    • We recommend letting the music stream for a few minutes before class starts. Before the start of class, rewind the playlist to the beginning. Press play when your instructor tells you to.
LIVE! Chat
  • Before joining chat,  you will have the option to log in with Facebook, Vimeo, or as a guest. Choose the option that works for you.
  • If you don’t have Facebook or Vimeo, join chat. Enter your name & start chatting!
  • You can choose as to whether you enter the chat or not. 
  • Note, if you’re watching your stream by casting to a TV or in fullscreen mode on your device, you won’t see the chat.
  • When participating in our LIVE! Classes, LIVE! Chat, or Members-Only Facebook group, please remember to be kind. The Barre Code was created as a way for local female entrepreneurs to foster a community where women can support & encourage one another. Any behavior that is considered a violation of our community guidelines could result in removal from LIVE! chat or our members-only Facebook group.
Livestream Disclaimers
  • If you have a limited membership or a credit package, do your best to cancel before your studio’s cancellation window so that you can get your credit back to use for another class.
  • Due to increased streaming demand caused by COVID-19 & various government stay-at-home mandates, some viewers may experience limited bandwidth and poor connectivity. 
  • For these same reasons, our instructors may experience connectivity issues from time to time that cannot be fully troubleshot or avoided in advance. It is important for our platform to showcase instructors from across the country; however, it does make it difficult for us to control consistent bandwidth from class to class. We do rigorous testing before going live to ensure the best stream possible, but some technical difficulties are unforeseen and cannot be fixed. In the instance that your LIVE! class is cancelled due to connectivity issues, your local studio will be in contact with you to ensure you get booked for another class.